Behavioral Based Interviews

While in the past many interviewers would ask hypothetical situations, it seems that today more and more interviewers are asking behavioral based questions.  Behavioral based questions are used because they help measure how a person will perform on the job.  These questions ask specific examples of how a person behaved during a specific type of situation in the past.  This helps predict how a candidate would behave on the job.  Candidates going into interviews should be prepared to answer behavioral based questions.

Many times in a behavioral based interview, candidates will be asked a series of questions that will help determine how the candidate behaved in the past.  Candidates will be asked to describe the situation, behavior, and outcome of each question asked.  The interviewer will ask questions to get more detail on the subject or to get an understanding of how this situation made them feel.  This will help the interviewer be able to determine how well one will perform in a specific area that is related to the job.

It is common for behavioral-based questions to start by using the phrase, “Tell me about a time when…” or “Describe a situation where…”  As an interviewee, one should look at the job description of the job they are applying.  This will help them get an idea of what the questions might be based around and will help prepare the interviewee for the interview.  For example, if someone is interviewing for a job where problem-solving is on the job description, then the interviewee should be thinking of specific examples of times when they were able to solve a difficult problem and go over the steps of how they solved the problem.

Thinking of specific examples will definitely help prepare the interviewee to answer questions.  They will have prepared by thinking of previous job, volunteer, or classroom experiences that could possibly be used to answer interview questions.  Behavioral-based interviews are indeed effective because they help in measuring how a candidate is predicted to behave on the job.  So if you are going to interview, remember to prepare by thinking of behavioral based questions.


Pre-Screening Interviews

Interviewing is a crucial role in a recruiters job. While many recruiters might not take part in the actual interview process for a specific position, they do have the first initial contact with the candidate.  They are the person that first decides if the candidate should be passed onto the official interview process.  Therefore, recruiters must be prepared to pre-screen the candidate to see if they would be a good fit for the company.

A pre-screening interview is a good way to determine whether or not a potential candidate would be a good fit for your company.  Most recruiters originally get a candidate’s resume and from there have to determine if they should be sent through the process.  It can be difficult to be able to determine whether a candidate would be a good fit just by looking at their resume.  This is where a pre-screening interview is a good idea.

There are many different ways that recruiters can conduct pre-screening interviews.  If the candidate lives in the same area as yourself, you can hold a pre-screening interview at a local coffee shop.  This allows you to meet and talk with the candidate face to face and in a relaxed environment.  This can help you determine whether or not the candidate would be a good fit for the company.  It also allows for them to ask you any questions that they might have about your company.  If the potential candidate does not live in your area, you can always hold a pre-screening interview over the phone.

Getting the chance to talk to the candidate will enable you to get a feel for if they would do well in the interview process and be a good candidate for the job position.  It is important to have a set of questions set aside to ask candidates that will be good determining factors if they should go through the process.  Also, having knowledge of basic interviewing skills is also important.  So remember to pre-screen candidates before sending them through the interview process!


Diversity: Have a strategy to fit the needs of your workplace

Diversity is definitely important when recruiting.  As a recruiter you want to make sure that you look for a mix of applicants that fit the qualifications of the job but also that fit the mix in your community.  It can sometimes be difficult to go out and specifically look for diversity when recruiting. This is why every recruiter should take the time to assess the diversity in the company that they work for and develop a strategy.

First of all, you should take a look at your company in terms of diversity and compare it to the diversity in the workforce where you are located.  For example, lets say that 30% of the workforce is Asian but your company only has two Asian employees.  Obviously your company is not representing the community that you live in, and therefore you should work on hiring more of a mix of Asians to balance the company’s diversity with the diversity in the community.  Also, you should make sure that there is diversity across all the departments in your company.  Indeed, there should be an equal mix of diverse candidates throughout the whole company in order to adequately represent the diversity of the community in your company.

Because having a diversity plan can be hard to implement, it is important for you as a recruiter to have a diversity strategy.  It is first and foremost important to determine what your main goal is in terms of making your workforce diverse.  Each company is going to have a different strategy plan to fit their specific diversity needs.  For example, if you are a company that is looking for applicants who are bilingual in Spanish and English, then you will have a specific strategy to fit this need.  In order to make your strategy effective, you should think of ways to recruit candidates to fit your current needs, but also to plan for the future and look for demographic future trends.  It is a good idea to start planning ahead to fit expected diversity needs.

Having a diverse workforce is great because it offers a wide variety of ideas for your company from people with very different backgrounds.  Your company will be more successful when they have diversity in the workplace and fit the diverse mix of their community.  I encourage you to focus on diversity when you are recruiting for your company.  So, develop a strategy to make your workplace diverse!

Campus Career Fairs

I was lucky enough to be able to participate in a Career Fair on a college campus this week.  As I mentioned in my last blog, career fairs are definitely a great way to find and source talent.  Because the career fair is not a mandatory requirement for university students, only students that are dedicated and serious about seeking a job attend these events.  Most likely, students who attend career fairs are generally hard workers who take initiative to get things done.

At the career fair that I attended, there were many different stations where a variety of employers would talk about their company and what job opportunities they have available.  The particular career fair that I attended had a wide variety of companies where different kinds of majors would be successful in finding a company that would fit their interest.  While it is great for the students at the university that there are so many companies seeking talent, it makes it more difficult for recruiters to get students to stop by their station.  Therefore, recruiters need to make their station as interesting and eye catching as possible.  For example, we bring collateral to pass out to interested candidates.  Not only will this attract candidates, but it will be something they can bring home with them and remind them of what they learned while talking with the company. Along with collateral,  we make sure our booth is as eye pleasing as possible by having banners, table cloths, posters, etc. This helped draw students to our station.

During the career fair we were able to speak to many talented students and were able to sign them up for interviews for positions that we have available.  As I mentioned earlier, many of the candidates who we spoke with seemed to have great leadership qualities along with a drive to succeed.  I am very pleased with the talent that we recruited at the career fair and am looking forward to seeing how these candidates will do in the interview process. So remember, campus career fairs are a great place to recruit talent!

Look for Talent on Campus

One of the best places to look for talent is on college campuses.  On college campuses, recruiters can find a number of graduating seniors who are searching the workforce for jobs. As a recruiter you need to be active on the campuses in your area.  By being active and making connections, you will be able to reach a pool of talented applicants.

Most college campuses have a Career Fair where employers set up information booths and students from the university can come and learn about employment opportunities that are offered at that company.  This is a great way for students to find jobs after graduation, and for employers to get some of the best and brightest new graduates to work for their company.  As a recruiter it is important to connect with the Career Director at the university to find out about the career fair and reserve a spot.  This is probably one of the biggest and best events to find talent on campus.

Making connections with the Career Director and anyone else who is in charge of career activities on campus is extremely important.  Having a good relationship with career directors and professors will ensure that you are made aware of all the events that you can attend on campus.  The more involved you and your company are on campus, the better chance that you will be able to source and hire new graduates who are the best fit for your company. So go and get involved with colleges in your area and look for talent!

Be Engaged in Social Media!

As I mentioned in a previous blog, as a recruiter time is of the essence.  There always seems to be not enough hours in the day to get everything done.  Connecting with others, especially potential candidates, is one of the most important aspects of the job.  Therefore, it is crucial to stay connected with as many people as possible, especially through social media sites.  This, however, can sometimes be extremely difficult.

While it can be time consuming, it is extremely crucial to always respond to someone if they ask you a question through a social media site.  Not responding to a question that has been asked through a social media site just is not acceptable.  As many recruiters will agree, substance is key.  Even if you have to go out of your way to answer a question by meeting up with that person face to face or directing their question to someone who will have the answer, this should definitely be done.  By adding value and showing that you are engaged with these sites and willing to answer question will benefit you and help you find potential candidates.

Not only should you go out of your way to answer any questions, but you should also dig deeper and see how involved the potential candidates are on their social media sites.  It seems to be that if a candidate is engaged and active in a positive manner in their social media sites, then they will most likely be engaged and active in the workplace.  Again, this will take time; however, it will help make your social media tools more beneficial. So don’t forget to answer questions and be engaged in your social media sites!

It’s Okay to Talk About Something That Interests You

From my last few blogs it is clear to see that recruiting through social media can definitely be effective.  One thing that recruiters many times do not think of when they are using social media sites is to post interesting topics of discussion on their site that do not directly relate to their profession.  This can also be known as “social media small talk” and can be used to attract people to your sites.  Having topics that might be of interest to a variety of people can be used to lure others into looking at your sites and what you have to say.

For example, lets say that you live in the city and like to be involved in many different events that are going on where you live.  It might be a good idea to share your experiences of these events on your social media sites.  By doing this, others who are interested in the city you live in, or enjoy hearing about different activities and events that take place there, might be drawn into your sites because there is content that is fun and interests them. If you get a strong base of regular viewers who look at your content, you have more of an opportunity to share potential positions and content with them.

It is definitely important to tweet and post topics that you are interested in and might be of interest to others.  This is a great way to get people who might not necessarily be looking for a job to check out your content and brand without realizing that they are.  If you can draw people in by posting about a hobby or interest, than they will be more likely to check out your content that relates directly to your brand.  So go ahead and share something that you are interested in on your social media sites!


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