Tips for Getting the Job: Follow Up

In my last few blogs I talked about what you need to do before the interview as well as during the interview.  While many may think that when the interview is over all they have to do is wait, this is not the case.  In order to make an impression on the interviewer it is necessary to follow up.  Following up after an interview will make a positive impression on the interviewee and let them know your dedication and sincerity in regards to the job.

Sending a thank you note is a great way to follow up after an interview.  Within twenty four hours of your interview, you should send a thank you note to whomever you interviewed with.  This thank you note should thank your interviewee for their time and reiterate your interest in the job position.  If multiple people interviewed you, it is important to send a separate thank you note for each interviewee.  If possible, send a written thank you not. However, if time does not permit, an email thank you is acceptable.  During the interview, candidates should also make sure that they have the contact information for the interviewee so they can make sure that the note gets to them directly.

Sending a thank you note is something that a candidate must definitely do if they want to receive the job offer.  Writing a thank you note can make you stand out from other candidates.  If the interviewee is having a hard time deciding between two candidates for the position and one candidate writes a thank you note and the other does not, the interviewee will most likely job offer the candidate who wrote the thank you note. So remember, follow up after the interview!


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