Tips for Getting the Job: Dress for Success

I touched on the research aspect of preparing for an interview and now it is time to talk about interview attire.  Wearing the appropriate interview attire is crucial for any job interview.  The common phrase, “dress for success” definitely applies for all interview situations.  It is, however, important to wear appropriate attire that fits the company you are interviewing with.  While some people may not put a lot of thought into interview attire, it is indeed a crucial component.

What you wear for the interview should depend on the company that you are applying for.  It is my personal belief that it is always better to dress up than dress down.  It will never hurt you to be overdressed but it can hurt you to under dress.  I once heard that it is a good idea to dress for the next position up in the company or the desired position that you would eventually like to have.  This is definitely a good idea and is important to apply to interviews.

Not only should you always dress as if you were interviewing for the next position up in the company, but you also need to dress appropriately.  This means no low cut shirts or short skirts for girls, and guys should make sure that they wear a suit that fits appropriately.  Also, another good tip for guys to remember is that their shoes should always match their belt.  It is definitely important to make sure your interview outfit is appropriate.

Your appearance for an interview is crucial and can help determine whether or not you get the job.  First impressions mean a lot in interviews so what better way to impress your interviewee than having a great appearance.  You should definitely spend some time deciding the appropriate outfit for your next interview.  So remember, dress for success!


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