Tips for Getting the Job: Research the Company

If you want to get a job, it is important to prepare before your interview.  Many people go into interviews on the whim and without any previous preparation or thought.  They think that they will be able to just answer the questions from what comes to their mind and that will be sufficient.  This, however, is the completely wrong way to think about interviews.

Interviews are not easy, and therefore much preparation needs to be made before the actual interview day.  Throughout my next couple of blogs I will be providing tips for how to ace the interview and get the job.  The first step in preparing for an interview is researching the company.  Candidates should go on the website of the company in order to learn about the history of the company, structure of the company, how the company is involved in the community, etc.  This will help the candidate have a feel for the culture of the company and be able to impress the interviewer in the interview by bringing up facts about the company.  Interviewers always love when a candidate is able to speak the company lingo or bring up facts about the company because this shows that the candidate has done their research.  Therefore it is crucial to research a company before going into the interview.

Also, many times the interviewer will ask the interviewee to tell them what they know about the company or ask why they want to work for this company.  If the interviewee has done their research and can bring up specific facts about the company, this is definitely bound to impress the interviewer.  Researching the company is indeed the first step one must take in order to prepare for the interview.  So if you are preparing for an interview, go and research the company before you do anything else!



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