Behavioral Based Interviews

While in the past many interviewers would ask hypothetical situations, it seems that today more and more interviewers are asking behavioral based questions.  Behavioral based questions are used because they help measure how a person will perform on the job.  These questions ask specific examples of how a person behaved during a specific type of situation in the past.  This helps predict how a candidate would behave on the job.  Candidates going into interviews should be prepared to answer behavioral based questions.

Many times in a behavioral based interview, candidates will be asked a series of questions that will help determine how the candidate behaved in the past.  Candidates will be asked to describe the situation, behavior, and outcome of each question asked.  The interviewer will ask questions to get more detail on the subject or to get an understanding of how this situation made them feel.  This will help the interviewer be able to determine how well one will perform in a specific area that is related to the job.

It is common for behavioral-based questions to start by using the phrase, “Tell me about a time when…” or “Describe a situation where…”  As an interviewee, one should look at the job description of the job they are applying.  This will help them get an idea of what the questions might be based around and will help prepare the interviewee for the interview.  For example, if someone is interviewing for a job where problem-solving is on the job description, then the interviewee should be thinking of specific examples of times when they were able to solve a difficult problem and go over the steps of how they solved the problem.

Thinking of specific examples will definitely help prepare the interviewee to answer questions.  They will have prepared by thinking of previous job, volunteer, or classroom experiences that could possibly be used to answer interview questions.  Behavioral-based interviews are indeed effective because they help in measuring how a candidate is predicted to behave on the job.  So if you are going to interview, remember to prepare by thinking of behavioral based questions.


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