Diversity: Have a strategy to fit the needs of your workplace

Diversity is definitely important when recruiting.  As a recruiter you want to make sure that you look for a mix of applicants that fit the qualifications of the job but also that fit the mix in your community.  It can sometimes be difficult to go out and specifically look for diversity when recruiting. This is why every recruiter should take the time to assess the diversity in the company that they work for and develop a strategy.

First of all, you should take a look at your company in terms of diversity and compare it to the diversity in the workforce where you are located.  For example, lets say that 30% of the workforce is Asian but your company only has two Asian employees.  Obviously your company is not representing the community that you live in, and therefore you should work on hiring more of a mix of Asians to balance the company’s diversity with the diversity in the community.  Also, you should make sure that there is diversity across all the departments in your company.  Indeed, there should be an equal mix of diverse candidates throughout the whole company in order to adequately represent the diversity of the community in your company.

Because having a diversity plan can be hard to implement, it is important for you as a recruiter to have a diversity strategy.  It is first and foremost important to determine what your main goal is in terms of making your workforce diverse.  Each company is going to have a different strategy plan to fit their specific diversity needs.  For example, if you are a company that is looking for applicants who are bilingual in Spanish and English, then you will have a specific strategy to fit this need.  In order to make your strategy effective, you should think of ways to recruit candidates to fit your current needs, but also to plan for the future and look for demographic future trends.  It is a good idea to start planning ahead to fit expected diversity needs.

Having a diverse workforce is great because it offers a wide variety of ideas for your company from people with very different backgrounds.  Your company will be more successful when they have diversity in the workplace and fit the diverse mix of their community.  I encourage you to focus on diversity when you are recruiting for your company.  So, develop a strategy to make your workplace diverse!


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