Campus Career Fairs

I was lucky enough to be able to participate in a Career Fair on a college campus this week.  As I mentioned in my last blog, career fairs are definitely a great way to find and source talent.  Because the career fair is not a mandatory requirement for university students, only students that are dedicated and serious about seeking a job attend these events.  Most likely, students who attend career fairs are generally hard workers who take initiative to get things done.

At the career fair that I attended, there were many different stations where a variety of employers would talk about their company and what job opportunities they have available.  The particular career fair that I attended had a wide variety of companies where different kinds of majors would be successful in finding a company that would fit their interest.  While it is great for the students at the university that there are so many companies seeking talent, it makes it more difficult for recruiters to get students to stop by their station.  Therefore, recruiters need to make their station as interesting and eye catching as possible.  For example, we bring collateral to pass out to interested candidates.  Not only will this attract candidates, but it will be something they can bring home with them and remind them of what they learned while talking with the company. Along with collateral,  we make sure our booth is as eye pleasing as possible by having banners, table cloths, posters, etc. This helped draw students to our station.

During the career fair we were able to speak to many talented students and were able to sign them up for interviews for positions that we have available.  As I mentioned earlier, many of the candidates who we spoke with seemed to have great leadership qualities along with a drive to succeed.  I am very pleased with the talent that we recruited at the career fair and am looking forward to seeing how these candidates will do in the interview process. So remember, campus career fairs are a great place to recruit talent!


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