Look for Talent on Campus

One of the best places to look for talent is on college campuses.  On college campuses, recruiters can find a number of graduating seniors who are searching the workforce for jobs. As a recruiter you need to be active on the campuses in your area.  By being active and making connections, you will be able to reach a pool of talented applicants.

Most college campuses have a Career Fair where employers set up information booths and students from the university can come and learn about employment opportunities that are offered at that company.  This is a great way for students to find jobs after graduation, and for employers to get some of the best and brightest new graduates to work for their company.  As a recruiter it is important to connect with the Career Director at the university to find out about the career fair and reserve a spot.  This is probably one of the biggest and best events to find talent on campus.

Making connections with the Career Director and anyone else who is in charge of career activities on campus is extremely important.  Having a good relationship with career directors and professors will ensure that you are made aware of all the events that you can attend on campus.  The more involved you and your company are on campus, the better chance that you will be able to source and hire new graduates who are the best fit for your company. So go and get involved with colleges in your area and look for talent!


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