Social Media Sites Should Represent You and Your Company


As I’m sure you can see by now, being an effective recruiter isn’t easy.  It is so crucial to find a candidate who is a right fit for your company, and this means to explore all your options.  Having a presence on social media sites is important for every recruiter and company because it allows for candidates to find out about your company and opening positions in a different manner.  While using social media to recruit can benefit a company by bringing in a new pool of candidates, it is important to handle social media sites in an appropriate manner for recruiting.

The first important point to remember when recruiting through social media is to make sure that your “on-line presence” reflects your company and yourself.  Candidates who are searching through jobs will want to be able to get a good feel of the culture of your company, and the best way to do this is through your presence.  If potential candidates like the way you portray yourself, they will be willing to check out the company and positions available. Because of this, you should also have an individual approach that differs yourself from other recruiters and companies.  This will help you stand out and draw potential candidates to your sites.

While many times people think it is only the job applicant who needs to worry about their online presence, it does indeed work both ways.  Potential candidates are analyzing you and your content just as much as you are analyzing them.  It is therefore extremely important that your social media sites represent yourself and your company, and are individualized.  So remember, when recruiting through social media make sure your site is tailored to represent you!


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