Employees Can Help Recruit and Hire Too!

In my last blog I mentioned how important it was to get referrals from others such as friends and family as a source for finding talented applicants.  Another great source to finding talent and filling open positions is talking to fellow employees.  Employees who work for the same company as you do can be one of your biggest helpers in the recruiting and hiring process.  They may be able to recommend candidates for the open position who work inside or outside the company as well as find the perfect fit for the company.

Employees are a company’s most important asset.  They help run the company and define the culture of the organization.  Including a company’s most important asset (employees) in the recruiting and hiring process will help the success of your company.  Employees who are not part of the recruiting process can be used to recommend candidates, can help look through resumes to asses candidates, and can help interview to decipher who would be the best fit for the company.  Your success at hiring the perfect candidate will increase once you include employees in the recruiting process.

The different ways that employees can help in the recruiting process will greatly benefit your company.  Not only will it help recruit the best possible candidate for the position, but it will also help in the long run as well.  When current employees are involved in recruiting talent, they begin to build a bond/connection between themselves and the new hire.  Employees will therefore want to see this person succeed in the company and may even become their mentor.

Overall, involving employees in the recruiting process is a win-win situation.  The company that you work for will be better off because they will have hired a talented candidate who is a great fit for the company.  Also, the employees involved in the recruiting/hiring process will be engaged with the new hire, helping with their and the new hire’s success.  So don’t forget to include employees in the recruiting and hiring process; you won’t be sorry!


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