Two Methods of Recruiting that can be Overlooked by Recruiters

As mentioned earlier, finding candidates can be one of the hardest parts of being a recruiter.  It is therefore important that recruiters exhaust all their options when searching for the perfect candidate.  One thing that is crucial to remember when it comes to recruiting is to consider past candidates and ask for referrals from others.  Recruiters sometimes forget both of these options; however, these two points should be remembered when searching for talent.

Candidates who have been rejected in the past can turn into great hires in the future.  Previous candidates who applied in the past might have still been developing and getting experience when they first applied for the job.  Or maybe they just weren’t the right fit for the position that they applied for but they were a great candidate.  If you feel as though they may now fit they position you are hiring for, then take the initiative to contact them. You might definitely be surprised to find that a previous candidate might be a perfect applicant for a current position.

Not only should you consider past candidates, but as a recruiter you should also ask for referrals.  Get the word out to as many people as possible that you are looking for someone to hire and see if they have any ideas.  You can do this by asking people you know on social media sites, your friends, family, etc.  Another option is to mention that your hiring in your e-mail signature.  This was the news will get out to everyone that you e-mail.

Considering past candidates and seeking referrals are two great ways to find talented applicants.  Both of these methods are many times overlooked by recruiters because they are not the first options to come to mind.  These methods are, however, extremely effective and should indeed be used.  So remember, go back and look at previous candidates and ask for referrals!


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