Search Search Search!

Looking through resumes is probably one of recruiter’s least favorite activities.  Hundreds of resumes get sent to recruiters daily in response to job posts.  This is why recruiters need to take a different approach to searching for talent.  Social networking sites and profiles are a good alternative to searching for candidates.

By searching for candidates on social networking sites and profiles, recruiters can look for candidates who have the specific criteria needed for a certain position.  There are many websites that allow for candidates to specifically create a profile that will highlight their specific skills and resume.  This is great for recruiters because it will allow for them to find out about their specific skills and talent immediately, rather than searching through resumes. This can save recruiters time and frustration.

Brazen Careerist and Visual CV are two great websites that recruiters can look for profiles on candidates.  Also, social networking sites, such as LinkedIn, give a resume and list specific skills of candidates.  These sites are definitely helpful because they allow for recruiters to screen candidates and learn a little bit about themselves. So instead of looking through resumes from job posts, go and search profiles and social networking sites to find the perfect candidates!


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