It’s Important to STAND OUT!

Getting people to be interested in a job position can be challenging.  That is why it is extremely important that you stand out from other companies.  Many recruiters are searching for talented job candidates just like you are.  It is therefore important to go above and beyond to make your company and job positions stand out.

There are many different ways that you can do this. “Non-traditional recruiting media” is just one of the many ways that recruiters can make their company stand out.  Traditionally, recruiters post job descriptions on job search sites.  While this can attract talent, there are other ways that are more effective, such as making a video.  When people are searching for jobs, they go through hundreds of job descriptions.  Job candidates would be more likely to click on a video to find out about a job availability than read a monotonous job description.

Making a video is a great way for your job position and company to stand out from others.  The video that you make can fit the corporate culture of your company while explaining the job positions that are available.  You can even show a glimpse into the “day in the life” of someone who is working in the position that you are hiring for.  The video method of recruiting will help give candidates an idea of the job position that you are recruiting for, as well as a glimpse of the company culture.  It will also help you stand out from other recruiters and gain the attention of top talent.  So go and STAND OUT!


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  1. steve lake
    Mar 21, 2012 @ 21:59:50


    You have presented some really good information on how to make yourself stand out and how to be a standout when looking for a job. I have really enjoyed reading your blogs, keep up the good work.

    Steve Lake


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