What to do Before Sending Them to an Interview

If you are a recruiter, you know that it can be very difficult to get a good idea of how a candidate will behave on the job just by looking at their resume.  When I first stepped into the role of recruiting I had a difficult time deciphering just by the resume whether or not I should send the candidate through the recruiting process.  The resume gives direction into activities and previous work experience, but gives no direction in behavioral or social interaction.  Therefore, there are two other options that can be used before deciding whether to send someone through to a one-on-one interview.

The first option is to have a pre-screening interview.  The pre-screening interview is when you meet up with the candidate and spend about ten minutes asking them some basic questions in order to have some interaction and see whether or not they could be a potential candidate.  I like to conduct these pre-screenings at coffee shops where the atmosphere is more laid back than a normal interview.  This is also a time where the candidate can ask you any questions that they may have about the job.  Having a pre-screening interview helps recruiters to get an idea of what the candidate will be like and be able to decipher whether they should be offered an interview.

The second option in selecting who should go through the interview process would be hosting an Open House event.  This event would allow for the recruiter to see all potential candidates and get a chance to meet them and see how they all interact with each other.  It also provides the opportunity to discuss the job and get a feel for the personalities of each applicant.  The applicants would also be able to tell if they themselves would be a good fit with the organization.

The idea of a pre-screening interview and an Open House event are good tools for recruiters to use.  They can help recruiters get a better idea of the personality of the candidates and who would be a good fit with the company.  Both of these tools should be used before determining whether or not a candidate should be passed on to the interview process. So before making any decisions about applicants, conduct a pre-screening interview or Open House event!


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