As a recruiter it is very important to remember that you are not working alone.  This is sometimes easy to forget because as a recruiter you are generally working on your own.  Although you are part of a company, as a recruiter you are many times working outside the office and “in the field” by yourself.  This is because in order to source talented candidates you need to be out in places where you can locate these candidates.

In my position as UNR Campus Liaison, I sometimes feel as if I am on an island because I am the only recruiter for my company on campus.  Also, the Senior Field Campus Recruiter, whom I report to, resides in California.  This can make face-to-face interactions difficult.  Because I do not have face-to-face interaction on a regular basis, I sometimes feel like I need to handle all issues and decisions by myself.  This, however, is not the case.

I need to make sure that I collaborate and receive input from others, especially those that are involved in the recruitment process.  It is important that I talk with other Human Resource executives and members of the recruiting team to get suggestions and advice on candidates and recruitment ideas.  This collaboration will help enable me to see the big picture and focus on my short and long term goals.  Not only will collaborating with others help me obtain my goals, but it will also help me to strengthen relationships and show that I am taking my job seriously.

Collaborating with others is a smart choice especially in the recruiting world.  Getting the opinions of others who might be more knowledgeable in recruiting can help you be more effective in your position.  It is important to realize that you are not alone and that there are always people who are willing to partner with you and share their advice.  Go out and collaborate with others; you will be surprised to see how helpful the advice of others can be!


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