Why recruitment?

For the last six months I have been working for Target as the UNR Campus Liaison.  I received this position after participating in Target’s Executive Internship this past summer. Target provided me with the opportunity to take on the liaison role in order to stay connected with Target until graduation, and help recruit talented students on campus to fill leadership and management positions in the store.  I have learned a lot about recruiting during the six months that I have held this position and would like to share this knowledge with others.

The role of the UNR Campus Liaison has proven to be extremely challenging but also very exciting.  Not only have I learned what it is like to be behind the scenes of the interview process, but I have also learned what it takes in order to successfully source and find talented candidates.  Since I spend a good portion of my week working in the liaison role, I am constantly thinking about recruitment and coming up with new and creative ways to attract top talent. I therefore have become extremely passionate about recruiting and have decided to focus my blog on effective recruiting.

I believe that the information that I provide will be beneficial to other recruiters, as well as candidates who are looking for jobs in leadership and management positions.  My blogs will help recruiters know what to look for while searching for candidates, as well as provide tips on how to be effective in the role of a recruiter.  Not only will my blog be beneficial for recruiters, but it will also be beneficial for candidates who are looking for leadership and management positions. By getting a glimpse at what recruiters desire in job applicants, candidates will have a better understanding of what they need to bring to the table when seeking a position. I hope that you find these blogs helpful, and I look forward to sharing with you information about recruiting.


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