Just Because They Have a Job Doesn’t Mean They Can’t Work for Your Company

It is important to get creative when it comes to recruiting.  Sometimes the hardest thing about recruitment can be finding candidates.  Many times recruiters get discouraged because they feel as though the best candidates are already employed.  While this may be true, it shows the importance of thinking outside of the box and being creative with where to look when recruiting candidates.

When looking for candidates you should be creative and think about looking for talent in unlikely places.  There are the obvious places that you can look for candidates; however, it is good to look in unexpected places for potential candidates.  Many times the best candidates for a position will be found in the most unlikely places.  Go out to other stores, restaurants, etc. to see what other talent is out in the workplace.  People who really stand out to you could be perfect candidates.

An important thing to remember is that even though a talented candidate may have a job, it does not necessarily mean that they are opposed to other options.  As a recruiter it is important to go after the candidates that you want working for your company, even if they are already employed. If you are passionate about your job and employer and share this passion and excitement with people you would like to hire, than they will want to work for your employer too.  Therefore it is crucial to go after the people who you think would be a great fit for your company.

If you want to hire great talent, you definitely have to search for it.  Look in unexpected places to find people who could be a great fit for your company.  More importantly, don’t rule out people who already have jobs. You might just be surprised how many talented people you will be able to recruit.


What to do Before Sending Them to an Interview

If you are a recruiter, you know that it can be very difficult to get a good idea of how a candidate will behave on the job just by looking at their resume.  When I first stepped into the role of recruiting I had a difficult time deciphering just by the resume whether or not I should send the candidate through the recruiting process.  The resume gives direction into activities and previous work experience, but gives no direction in behavioral or social interaction.  Therefore, there are two other options that can be used before deciding whether to send someone through to a one-on-one interview.

The first option is to have a pre-screening interview.  The pre-screening interview is when you meet up with the candidate and spend about ten minutes asking them some basic questions in order to have some interaction and see whether or not they could be a potential candidate.  I like to conduct these pre-screenings at coffee shops where the atmosphere is more laid back than a normal interview.  This is also a time where the candidate can ask you any questions that they may have about the job.  Having a pre-screening interview helps recruiters to get an idea of what the candidate will be like and be able to decipher whether they should be offered an interview.

The second option in selecting who should go through the interview process would be hosting an Open House event.  This event would allow for the recruiter to see all potential candidates and get a chance to meet them and see how they all interact with each other.  It also provides the opportunity to discuss the job and get a feel for the personalities of each applicant.  The applicants would also be able to tell if they themselves would be a good fit with the organization.

The idea of a pre-screening interview and an Open House event are good tools for recruiters to use.  They can help recruiters get a better idea of the personality of the candidates and who would be a good fit with the company.  Both of these tools should be used before determining whether or not a candidate should be passed on to the interview process. So before making any decisions about applicants, conduct a pre-screening interview or Open House event!


As a recruiter it is very important to remember that you are not working alone.  This is sometimes easy to forget because as a recruiter you are generally working on your own.  Although you are part of a company, as a recruiter you are many times working outside the office and “in the field” by yourself.  This is because in order to source talented candidates you need to be out in places where you can locate these candidates.

In my position as UNR Campus Liaison, I sometimes feel as if I am on an island because I am the only recruiter for my company on campus.  Also, the Senior Field Campus Recruiter, whom I report to, resides in California.  This can make face-to-face interactions difficult.  Because I do not have face-to-face interaction on a regular basis, I sometimes feel like I need to handle all issues and decisions by myself.  This, however, is not the case.

I need to make sure that I collaborate and receive input from others, especially those that are involved in the recruitment process.  It is important that I talk with other Human Resource executives and members of the recruiting team to get suggestions and advice on candidates and recruitment ideas.  This collaboration will help enable me to see the big picture and focus on my short and long term goals.  Not only will collaborating with others help me obtain my goals, but it will also help me to strengthen relationships and show that I am taking my job seriously.

Collaborating with others is a smart choice especially in the recruiting world.  Getting the opinions of others who might be more knowledgeable in recruiting can help you be more effective in your position.  It is important to realize that you are not alone and that there are always people who are willing to partner with you and share their advice.  Go out and collaborate with others; you will be surprised to see how helpful the advice of others can be!

Keep Your Eye on the Goal

Recruitment is an important aspect of every organization.  In order for a company to run effectively, they need the best employees working for them.  At times it can be difficult for employers to source and find the best employees who are the right fit for the job.  This is why the role of a recruiter is extremely beneficial for companies. 

 For recruiters, results are an extremely important aspect of the job.  Recruiters are many times evaluated by how many candidates they source and hire, which is why recruiters need to be effective and efficient in their position.  I have realized that in order for me to be effective in my role as a recruiter I need to be goal oriented.  While this may seem like an easy task, it is easy to forget this simple rule due to outside distractions such as personalities or finances.  While these other distractions are important to take into consideration, I still need to keep in mind the most important goal of hiring the right candidate for the right job.

Along with keeping this ultimate goal in mind, I need to set short term goals for myself.  This is important because the short-term goals will help me to reach my ultimate goal.  These short-term goals can involve sourcing a certain amount of candidates by a certain date or making connections with certain organizations that have members who are talented candidates.  As a recruiter, goals are definitely the key in order to effectively and efficiently recruit top talent.  So whether you are a recruiter, or a candidate for a job position, make sure you are goal oriented because keeping your eye on the goal will help you achieve results.


Why recruitment?

For the last six months I have been working for Target as the UNR Campus Liaison.  I received this position after participating in Target’s Executive Internship this past summer. Target provided me with the opportunity to take on the liaison role in order to stay connected with Target until graduation, and help recruit talented students on campus to fill leadership and management positions in the store.  I have learned a lot about recruiting during the six months that I have held this position and would like to share this knowledge with others.

The role of the UNR Campus Liaison has proven to be extremely challenging but also very exciting.  Not only have I learned what it is like to be behind the scenes of the interview process, but I have also learned what it takes in order to successfully source and find talented candidates.  Since I spend a good portion of my week working in the liaison role, I am constantly thinking about recruitment and coming up with new and creative ways to attract top talent. I therefore have become extremely passionate about recruiting and have decided to focus my blog on effective recruiting.

I believe that the information that I provide will be beneficial to other recruiters, as well as candidates who are looking for jobs in leadership and management positions.  My blogs will help recruiters know what to look for while searching for candidates, as well as provide tips on how to be effective in the role of a recruiter.  Not only will my blog be beneficial for recruiters, but it will also be beneficial for candidates who are looking for leadership and management positions. By getting a glimpse at what recruiters desire in job applicants, candidates will have a better understanding of what they need to bring to the table when seeking a position. I hope that you find these blogs helpful, and I look forward to sharing with you information about recruiting.