Tips for Getting the Job: Follow Up

In my last few blogs I talked about what you need to do before the interview as well as during the interview.  While many may think that when the interview is over all they have to do is wait, this is not the case.  In order to make an impression on the interviewer it is necessary to follow up.  Following up after an interview will make a positive impression on the interviewee and let them know your dedication and sincerity in regards to the job.

Sending a thank you note is a great way to follow up after an interview.  Within twenty four hours of your interview, you should send a thank you note to whomever you interviewed with.  This thank you note should thank your interviewee for their time and reiterate your interest in the job position.  If multiple people interviewed you, it is important to send a separate thank you note for each interviewee.  If possible, send a written thank you not. However, if time does not permit, an email thank you is acceptable.  During the interview, candidates should also make sure that they have the contact information for the interviewee so they can make sure that the note gets to them directly.

Sending a thank you note is something that a candidate must definitely do if they want to receive the job offer.  Writing a thank you note can make you stand out from other candidates.  If the interviewee is having a hard time deciding between two candidates for the position and one candidate writes a thank you note and the other does not, the interviewee will most likely job offer the candidate who wrote the thank you note. So remember, follow up after the interview!


Tips for Getting the Job: Stay Calm

While there are so many things to remember during interviews, one of the most important tips to remember during an interview is to relax.  Because interviews tend to bring excitement and nervousness, many people forget to stay calm and relax.  However, staying calm and relaxed is definitely crucial to remember when being interviewed.  Remembering to stay calm will help you to be yourself during the interview and answer the interview questions smoothly.

Many times candidates think that they have to answer the interview questions immediately after they have been asked.  This is not necessarily the case.  While you don’t want to take an extended period of time to answer a question, it is okay to take a minute to gain your thoughts before responding.  Taking a short amount of time to regain your thoughts and think will help you to stay calm during the interview and answer the questions correctly.  It is also important to stay calm in order to make sure you listen to the whole question that the interviewee asks and can answer all parts of the question.

Remembering to stay calm when you go into an interview is extremely important.  The interviewee wants to see that you are calm, cool, and collected during your interview.  Staying calm, smiling, and looking the interviewee in the eye will help show that you are confident. So remember, stay calm during your interview!

Tips for Getting the Job: Be on Time!

Appearance is not the only thing that is important when it comes to interviews.  Being on time is just as equally important.  It is crucial to be on time for job interviews if you want to get the job and impress the interviewee.  If you are late to the interview  it can make the difference of whether or not you will get job offered.

As a rule of thumb I recommend being five to ten minutes early for an interview.  You will never be punished for being early; however, you can be punished for being late.  Some people might think that being late to an interview might mean that you are not responsible and will not take the job seriously.  These negative perceptions can greatly affect your chances of getting the job.  Five to ten minutes before your interview time is a good time frame to arrive for an interview.

It is also a good idea to know where the location is of your interview.  This will help you get a good idea of how long it will take you to get there and what time you need to leave to be on time.  Driving out to the location the day before your interview is ideal.  This will prevent you from getting lost and stressed out on the day of your interview.

Being on time is one of the many things to remember when preparing for an interview.  Arriving early is crucial if you want to receive a job offer.  Many interviewees not only expect but also appreciate when candidates arrive on time to interviews.  So remember, be on time!

Tips for Getting the Job: Dress for Success

I touched on the research aspect of preparing for an interview and now it is time to talk about interview attire.  Wearing the appropriate interview attire is crucial for any job interview.  The common phrase, “dress for success” definitely applies for all interview situations.  It is, however, important to wear appropriate attire that fits the company you are interviewing with.  While some people may not put a lot of thought into interview attire, it is indeed a crucial component.

What you wear for the interview should depend on the company that you are applying for.  It is my personal belief that it is always better to dress up than dress down.  It will never hurt you to be overdressed but it can hurt you to under dress.  I once heard that it is a good idea to dress for the next position up in the company or the desired position that you would eventually like to have.  This is definitely a good idea and is important to apply to interviews.

Not only should you always dress as if you were interviewing for the next position up in the company, but you also need to dress appropriately.  This means no low cut shirts or short skirts for girls, and guys should make sure that they wear a suit that fits appropriately.  Also, another good tip for guys to remember is that their shoes should always match their belt.  It is definitely important to make sure your interview outfit is appropriate.

Your appearance for an interview is crucial and can help determine whether or not you get the job.  First impressions mean a lot in interviews so what better way to impress your interviewee than having a great appearance.  You should definitely spend some time deciding the appropriate outfit for your next interview.  So remember, dress for success!

Tips for Getting the Job: Practice, Practice, Practice!

The saying practice makes perfect definitely applies to job interviews. While it is hard to know exactly what interview questions will be asked or what will occur during an interview, it is important to prepare for an interview as much as possible.  There are many different ways that you can prepare and practice for an interview.  The research that you have done on the company where you are applying and the job description will help you in determining how you should practice and prepare for the interview.

As I mentioned earlier, most interviews are behavioral based.  Therefore it is important to Google examples of behavioral based interview questions that relate to the specific requirements needed for the job.  For example, if you learned from the job description that leadership is a job requirement for the specific position you are interviewing for, than it would be a good idea to Google leadership behavioral based interview questions.  Going through these interview questions will help you think about leadership examples you have used in the past.

It is also a good idea to get a friend or family member to act as the interviewee and perform a mock interview.  Going through a mock interview will help you get a feel for the interview and help you to not be as nervous for the actual interview.  The person who acts as your interviewee can also help give you tips for the real interview.  Practicing in an interview setting will definitely help you when going into the actual interview.

Going through behavioral based questions and performing a mock interview are good ways to practice for an interview.  Just like a mathematician would practice math problems, an candidate needs to practice interview questions.  Practicing for an interview will definitely help you and increase your chances of getting the job.  So remember to practice, practice, practice!

Tips for Getting the Job: Research the Job Description

In my last blog I mentioned that it is important to research the company that you will be interviewing with before going into the interview.  Not only should you research the company before going into the interview, but you should also research the actual job that you are applying for.  Candidates can do this by looking at the job description or job requirements of the job.  Having an idea of what skills are needed for the job you are applying for is extremely important for an interview.

On the company’s website you should find the job description listed for the job you are applying for.  This job description will list specific requirements that are needed to perform the job at hand.  These requirements could consist of leadership, problem solving, time management, etc.  Candidates need to be familiar with the requirements of the job so that they can answer the interview questions correctly.

When in the interview, a candidate should keep in mind the requirements of the job and answer the questions in a manner that highlights these requirements.  For example, if the job you are applying for is specifically looking for candidates who have strong leadership skills, then they should be prepared to answer questions that show how they themselves have been a leader in the past.  The interviewee should tailor each answer to highlight these specific skills.  Also, the interviewer will most likely be asking behavioral based questions that are directed to measuring these specific skills for each candidate.

Researching the specific skills and job requirements that the interviewee is looking for in the interviewer will definitely help in acing the interview.  Having an idea of what the interviewee is looking for in a candidate will help the candidates know what skills they should highlight.  Without researching the job requirements, candidates will not know how to “sell themselves” for the job.  So remember, research the job description before going into the interview.

Tips for Getting the Job: Research the Company

If you want to get a job, it is important to prepare before your interview.  Many people go into interviews on the whim and without any previous preparation or thought.  They think that they will be able to just answer the questions from what comes to their mind and that will be sufficient.  This, however, is the completely wrong way to think about interviews.

Interviews are not easy, and therefore much preparation needs to be made before the actual interview day.  Throughout my next couple of blogs I will be providing tips for how to ace the interview and get the job.  The first step in preparing for an interview is researching the company.  Candidates should go on the website of the company in order to learn about the history of the company, structure of the company, how the company is involved in the community, etc.  This will help the candidate have a feel for the culture of the company and be able to impress the interviewer in the interview by bringing up facts about the company.  Interviewers always love when a candidate is able to speak the company lingo or bring up facts about the company because this shows that the candidate has done their research.  Therefore it is crucial to research a company before going into the interview.

Also, many times the interviewer will ask the interviewee to tell them what they know about the company or ask why they want to work for this company.  If the interviewee has done their research and can bring up specific facts about the company, this is definitely bound to impress the interviewer.  Researching the company is indeed the first step one must take in order to prepare for the interview.  So if you are preparing for an interview, go and research the company before you do anything else!


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